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Shar Pei Rottweiler Mix: All About The Breed

The Shar Pei Rottweiler mix is a relatively new breed, created by combining two classic canines to create one unique dog. Combining the intelligence and loyalty of the Rottweiler with the strong commitment to the family from the Shar Pei makes this hybrid an ideal companion for any home.

This article will delve into all aspects of this newly developed breed so that potential owners can decide whether the preferred combination of these two breeds is suitable for their lifestyle and needs.

This information will help readers understand what owning a Shar Pei Rottweiler mix entails.

Overview Of The Rott Pei

The Rott Pei is an incredibly attractive mixed breed that has inherited the good looks of its parents, the Rottweiler and Chinese Shar-Pei.

It is a large, strong dog with a gentle, mellow core, which makes it loyal and protective of its family but not overly aggressive.

Its easygoing nature also makes them well suited for living with children and other pets, provided they are socialized correctly at a young age.

The Rott Pei’s self-possession and confidence make them relatively easy to train. However, they can be stubborn if not given consistent leadership from their owner.

They have been known to nudge people gently when they think something needs to be done or remembered.

All in all, the Rott Pei is a rare breed that is steadily growing in popularity due to its affectionate temperament and unwavering loyalty towards those it cares about.

18 – 24 inches
55 – 95 pounds
10 – 12 years
tan, black and tan, beige, black
Ideal ForIndividuals who lead an active lifestyle and reside in a rural or homestead environment
TemperamentIndependent, Aloof, Alert, Sensitive, Affectionate, Confident, Watchful

Characteristics Of The Rott Pei

The Rott Pei is a hybrid breed that combines the loyal, protective nature of a Rottweiler and the alertness of a Shar-Pei. This makes them an ideal pet for those looking for added security while still enjoying companionship from their canine companion.

These dogs can form strong bonds with their owners with consistent training and socialization.

Physically, the Rott Pei combines the traits of its parent breeds—the large size and robust body structure of a Rottweiler coupled with the wrinkled skin of a Shar-Pei. They’re typically solid in coloring with fur ranging from black to brown or red sable coats. Their ears are normally cropped as puppies but will remain floppy without cropping if left alone.

In terms of temperament, this breed is characterized by intelligence and loyalty towards their family members. While they have an independent streak, they also crave attention and affection.

A well-socialized dog will be friendly around strangers once properly introduced while maintaining an air of aloofness until then.

Properly trained, these hybrids make excellent watchdogs who bark when necessary and protect their families against potential danger.

What To Consider Before Adopting A Rott Pei

The temperament of these dogs may vary depending on their lineage and environment. However, they often display traits from both parent breeds. Generally speaking, Rott Peis are loyal and protective, with an alert nature that suits them as guard dogs. They can be independent thinkers but exhibit strong bonds with their owners when given proper training and socialization.

Regarding health concerns for the Rott Pei, potential adopters should research common problems associated with Shar-Peis and Rottweilers to better understand what issues could arise later in life due to genetic influences from either or both parents.

Eye diseases such as entropion and ectropion appear more frequently among Shar-Pei mixes than purebreds, so regular checkups at the veterinarian will help ensure early detection and management of any possible eye diseases if needed. Additionally, hip dysplasia has been seen in some lines of Rottweilers, which might manifest itself over time in a mixed-breed puppy even if neither parent was affected by it directly.

Finally, those looking into adopting a Rott Pei must have realistic expectations about the amount of exercise required for this breed type and overall grooming needs, which involve weekly brushing sessions and occasional baths. This mix generally requires daily activities such as running off leash or playing fetch games to keep them mentally engaged while providing adequate physical outlets for their energy levels; however, not all puppies need the same level of exertion, so careful observation is necessary to find out what works best for each individual pup’s lifestyle needs.

Rott Pei Temperament

When considering a Rott Pei, it is important to consider the temperament of both parent breeds.

The Rottweiler is known for its strong will and serious expression. It was bred as a working dog but also had a playful side that makes them great family pets. They need plenty of human interaction and are obedient when properly trained.

On the other hand, Shar Peis have an independent nature, making training difficult. However, they form deep attachments with their owners and are very protective over people or property they deem theirs.

The temperaments of these two dogs must be considered when looking at a potential Rott Pei puppy. As each individual puppy’s personality may vary, studying the characteristics of both parent breeds can give you an idea of what to expect from your future companion.

With proper socialization and training, most puppies will develop into well-rounded adults who enjoy interacting with humans and protecting their home environment.

It is not uncommon for mixed breed dogs like the Rott Pei to possess traits from both parents, so prospective owners should research the health concerns associated with either breed to better prepare themselves if any issues arise later.

Additionally, obedience classes are highly recommended to ensure that your pup grows up safe and friendly towards people and animals alike!

Rott Pei Intelligence

Rott Peis are known for their intelligence and trainability. They have the ability to learn commands quickly, as well as remember them with ease. This makes training a Rott Pei relatively easy, especially compared to other breeds.

Here are some of the defining traits that make Rott Peis so intelligent:

  1. Strong problem-solving skills: Rott Peis possess strong analytical capabilities that allow them to assess situations and develop solutions.
  2.  High energy levels: The high energy level of the Rottweiler, in combination with the Sharpei’s low-maintenance nature, creates an ideal balance of activity and restfulness in this hybrid breed.
  3.  Excellent memory: Due to their loyal nature, they also have excellent memories, which allow them to recall past events easily and accurately, aiding in quicker learning processes during obedience training sessions or activities such as agility trials. Furthermore, their heightened memories mean they will not forget any commands that were previously taught to them either.

The combination of all these factors makes the Rott Pei one of the most intelligent canine breeds available today, allowing owners greater control over their actions while providing companionship through loyalty and affection too.

A portrait of the shar-pei rottweiler mix
A portrait of the shar-pei rottweiler mix

Rott Pei And Families

The Rottpei is an intelligent and loyal breed, making them a great choice for families looking to bring a canine companion into the home.

As long as they are given proper socialization from puppyhood and ongoing training throughout their life, Rottpeis make loving companions that take well to instruction and form strong bonds with their owners.

However, it is important to note that this breed does not do well in households with small children or other pets.

They can be aloof around strangers and may become overprotective if not properly trained.

Therefore, prospective owners should consider these factors before bringing a Rottpei into the family.

With dedication, patience, and consistent positive reinforcement, however, the Rottpei will prove to be an affectionate pet worthy of its devoted following.

Rott Pei With Other Pets

Rott Peis can be socialized to live peacefully with other pets, but whether or not they get along depends largely on the individual dog. These tips will help ensure a successful coexistence:

  1. Start early and introduce animals slowly – Introduce your Rottpei pup to cats and other small animals when it’s still young so that it develops an affinity for them. When introducing new pets into the home, give each animal its own space until they become comfortable around one another.
  2.  Provide plenty of exercises – Dogs need plenty of physical activity to stay healthy mentally and physically, so make sure your Rottpei gets regular exercise as part of their daily routine. Exercise also helps keep their mind off chasing after smaller animals in the house.
  3.  Socialization is key – Take your Rottpei pup out often to meet other pets and people, exposing them to sights, sounds, and smells while keeping them calm and controlled. This way, they learn how to act appropriately in any situation.

With patience and dedication, you can create a harmonious environment where everyone lives together happily in peace and harmony! With proper training and socialization, even the most stubborn Shar Pei-Rottweiler mix can learn to appreciate living with other furry friends in his home.

Food & Diet Requirements

When it comes to the diet of a Rott Pei, there is one important factor that needs to be taken into account. This breed has a tendency to become overweight and develop obesity, making proper nutrition essential.

A complete and balanced dry dog, kibble with at least 20% crude animal protein, should form the basis of their diet. It is recommended to check labels carefully to ensure no unnecessary fillers are present in the food and that the caloric amount per meal matches up with your pet’s particular energy level. For more specialized diets, consulting a veterinarian can provide valuable advice tailored to your individual canine companion.

Exercise also plays an important role in keeping a Rott Pei healthy, with walks plus playtime forming part of its daily routine. Depending on how active they are, some may require additional exercise such as agility training which can be a great way to challenge them mentally while burning off excess energy too.

Early socialization is also key due to their natural protective instincts towards strangers, so introducing other dogs from an early age will help prevent any aggressive tendencies later on in life.

In terms of grooming, this hybrid breed does not require much maintenance, thanks to both parent breeds having short coats. Regular brushing once or twice each week helps keep shedding under control by stimulating normal oil production within the coat and providing massage benefits at the same time.


When it comes to exercising a Rott Pei, the amount needed will depend on the individual’s energy level and personality. While calmer individuals may only require short walks or playtime sessions, more active dogs may need significantly more exercise to burn off excess energy and avoid obesity.

Establishing a regular food and exercise schedule is highly recommended, as this breed tends to do well when given some structure. Agility training can be a great option for those seeking an extra challenge with their canine companion.

Surprisingly enough, these hybrids are quite athletic despite having Shar Pei’s temperament, which makes them suitable candidates for such activities. For assistance finding a dog competition facility nearby that would suit your pup’s needs best, consulting local resources is advised.

In addition to providing physical benefits, exercise also has mental advantages too, as it helps stimulate cognitive development by exposing them to new environments and experiences. This can help keep boredom at bay while strengthening their bond with their human family members over time.

History Of The Rott Pei

The Rott Pei is a hybrid breed created by crossing two ancient breeds with long histories, the Rottweiler and the Shar-Pei. Despite its relatively recent emergence onto the canine scene, this unique crossbreed has already become popular among many pet owners. Understanding both of these parent breeds is important to appreciate how they influence their mixed offspring.

The Rottweiler hails from Germany, which was used for herding cattle and hunting bears due to its strength and confidence. Further recognition came when military and police began using them as working dogs because of their loyalty and ability to protect property. After being registered by The American Kennel Club in 1931, they have become one of the most beloved dog breeds worldwide. With a strong build and dignified demeanor, these dogs are often seen as loyal companions and family pets.

On the other hand, Shar-Peis are an ancient Chinese breed that was originally used for herding livestock and even fighting purposes despite their small size thanks to their protective skin folds, which made it difficult for opponents to latch on during combat matches. These wrinkly canines almost became extinct in China until a breeder started promoting them outside of Asia, eventually leading to increased numbers in America after 1981 due mostly to concentrated breeding efforts by those same individuals.

Today they remain one of the most sought-after dog breeds across many countries worldwide due mainly to their good looks combined with their pleasant personalities making them great companion animals within a household setting.

Taking into account all of this information about each individual heritage breed provides us with insight into why the modern-day Rott Pei stands out from other crossbreeds – combining characteristics from both parents, such as loyalty, intelligence, strength, and playfulness, into one pup!

Physical Attributes Of The Rott Pei

The Rott Pei is an impressive-looking hybrid dog with a strong and muscular body that looks balanced. They have powerful heads, often blocky in shape and large, and their teeth meet in a scissors bite. The muzzle is strong and powerful, while their ears are held high with tips folding over at the top. Dark amber or deep brown eyes are alert and round in shape.

The coat of the Rott Pei is short to medium length and has a rough texture. Its tail is usually medium-lengthed but can also be curled over its back. In terms of coloration, they may exhibit typical black and tan markings like traditional Rottweilers or more fawn/brown shades inherited from the Shar-Pei parentage. Additionally, these dogs commonly have facial wrinkles due to Shar-Pei’s influence on their genetics.

Some key physical attributes of the Rott Pei include:

  • A strong & muscular body structure
  •  Powerful head & muzzle
  •  High-set ears w/tips folded over at the top
  •  Short – medium length fur w/rough texture

These features make this breed both attractive and capable when it comes to activities such as agility trials or even obedience competitions where strength might be needed. Their loyal nature combined with intelligence means training them should not be too difficult for experienced owners who know how to properly care for these animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of A Rott Pei?

The average life expectancy of a Rott Pei is approximately 8 to 10 years. This is slightly lower than the parent breeds, which generally live between 12 and 14 years.

Many factors can affect the longevity of this breed, including diet and exercise, as well as genetic predisposition. Generally speaking, owners of this hybrid breed need to ensure their pets receive proper nutrition and adequate exercise to maximize lifespan potential.

Are Rott Pei Good Guard Dogs?

Rott Pei is an excellent guard dog breed, having the protective instincts of both their Rottweiler and Shar-Pei parents.

These dogs can naturally alert owners when they sense danger or when strangers approach property boundaries.

They are loyal and devoted guardians who tend to bond closely with family members, especially children.

Rott Pei also possesses strong defensive capabilities, which makes them well suited for security work and protection training.

With proper socialization from puppyhood, these canines make loving companions who will protect their home and family at all costs.

Is The Rott Pei Hypoallergenic?

The Rott Pei, a hybrid of the Rottweiler and Shar Pei breeds, is not typically considered to be hypoallergenic.

This is due to their double coat, which can result in loose shedding that may trigger allergies for some individuals.

It should also be noted that its parent breeds are both known as heavy shedders, so combining them does not make this breed any less likely to cause allergic reactions.

How Much Exercise Does A Rott Pei Need?

Generally speaking, the Shar-pei and Rottweiler are active breeds; as a result, their hybrid offspring should be provided with at least an hour of physical activity each day.

This activity can include walks around the neighborhood or visits to local dog parks as well as playtime in large yards.

It is also recommended for owners to give their pup mental stimulation, if possible, via interactive toys or obedience training sessions, which can help develop healthy behaviors while providing much-needed enrichment.

Is Rott Pei Good With Small Children?

Regarding safety with small children, this breed generally does well when given proper socialization and training from puppyhood.

They are naturally protective but should not be aggressive toward humans if trained correctly.

It is important to establish yourself as the alpha in the household to ensure good behavior from your Rott Pei around young children.

With consistent training and love, the Rott Pei will become a devoted companion for many years.


The Rott Pei is an incredibly loyal and loving breed that can make a great companion for the right family.

The average life expectancy of this hybrid dog ranges from 11 to 13 years, depending on genetics and lifestyle factors.

With proper training, they make good guard dogs due to their alertness and protective nature.

They are not hypoallergenic but do need regular brushing and grooming.

This breed requires plenty of exercise and activity to stay healthy, active, and happy.

Finally, with gentle guidance, the Rott Pei can be very friendly towards small children, making them a suitable addition to families with young kids.

All-in-all, the Rott Pei displays a unique combination of traits that makes it one of the most desired canine companions currently available today.

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