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Who We Are

Dobermanrottweiler provides researched-based information and education for dog owners and potential dog owners seeking breed-specific facts, statistics, and content to help you and your dog daily.

We also pride ourselves on recommending top-notch, effective products to improve your dog’s quality of life. We know that every dog deserves the best life possible, and our purpose is to provide the education to make that a reality.

From the best dog companions for anxiety to breed-specific advice, let Dobermanrottweiler guide you in becoming well-educated about your canine companions.

Dobermanrottweiler assists countless users each month to discover the reliable and user-friendly information they require.

Our content library offers reliable resources that can be used to find answers to a variety of questions, from practical how-tos, gift guides for dog lovers, and guides to owning specific breeds.

Whether you’re looking to adopt a new family member, better treat your pup’s separation anxiety, or discover a dog breed facts to wow the crowd at your next trivia night, we’ve got you covered!

Our writers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the content they create, ensuring it is faithful and inclusive.

Regardless of your familiarity with dog breeds, whether you’re just starting or have been a pet owner for years, you’ll find yourself at home in the Dobermanrottweiler community!

It is essential to understand that Dobermanrottweiler does not offer medical or veterinary advice. The content on this website cannot replace the expertise of a qualified veterinarian in an emergency. If your dog has any health concerns, it is best to consult a trained veterinary professional familiar with their needs.

Review Boards

Obtaining precise and dependable data online can be quite a difficult task.

While increasing online autonomy can be significant, it also means the web is full of falsifications or personal opinions camouflaged as the truth.

To help combat false information, we have skilled professionals review every article on Dobermanrottweiler before it is published. We always aim to provide you with top-quality, well-researched, fact-based information.

The Review Process

At Dobermanrottweiler, some of our articles have a date for the last update, which may differ from the published date. This signifies that one of our team members has reviewed and edited the article to ensure you receive the most relevant and current information.

Editorial Guidelines

At Dobermanrottweiler, we take great pride in the quality of our content. Our commitment to professionalism is reflected in each article and post we publish. All our work is content to meet the rigorous expectations that have become synonymous with Dobermanrottweiler.

Top-notch editorial standards guide us in producing authentic content that is honest, honorable, and humane.

Dobermanrottweiler strives to deliver the best quality content from exceptionally talented writers passionate about their niche. Each piece passes through a rigorous multi-stage review before being available for public viewing.

At Dobermanrottweiler, we believe in utilizing natural human intelligence instead of automated algorithms. We recognize the value of creativity, knowledge, and experience that only humans can provide.

If you ever encounter an article that needs improvement, please email


Every article published on Dobermanrottweiler is research-based and recommends best practices. Each piece of content goes through an in-depth review and editorial process.

Each team member at Dobermanrottweiler is a professional selected and considered based on their qualifications and unbiased expertise. Articles published on Dobermanrottweiler cite and quote credible sources professionally.

Product Reviews

Dobermanrottweiler provides unbiased reviews based on extensive research and product testing. We are part of multiple affiliate programs, allowing our readers to make purchases through links provided on our website that may result in a commission for us.

Diversity & Inclusion

Dobermanrottweiler’s mission is to produce in-depth information for those seeking information, statistics, and product recommendations in the canine world. Dobermanrottweiler recognizes that we must educate ourselves about our dogs to provide them with the best life possible.

In an era of much information on the internet, we use our platform to educate and spread messages of truth, inclusivity, fairness, and human rights. We strive to do our part in creating a world that is kind and fair to everyone – no exceptions – by creating a site that publishes unbiased content and promotes diversity.

Our Dog-Loving Dream Team

Welcome to the heart and soul of our blog – our Dog-Loving Dream Team! Comprised of passionate pet parents, and experienced dog trainers, our mission is to bring you the very best in canine care and happiness.

Each team member brings unique skills, experiences, and insights that, when combined, create a treasure trove of knowledge for our readers. From sharing expert advice to heartwarming stories, our collective love for dogs shines through every piece of content we create. So go ahead, get to know us, and together, let’s make your furry friend‘s life even more pawsome!

Filip Blomqvist

Founder & Owner of clara

Meet Filip, our founder hailing from Sweden. With an unwavering passion for dogs and a vision to create a pawsitive online space, Filip brought together our dog-loving dream team to share expert advice, heartwarming stories, and enrich the lives of canine companions around the world.

Nathan Ashe

writer & owner of Smudge

Say hello to Nathan Ashe, our talented wordsmith hailing from the emerald isle of Ireland! A scribe with a passion for all things canine, Nathan brings a unique blend of heart and humor to our paw-some team. With a love for dogs that knows no bounds, he’s devoted his life to sharing captivating stories and valuable insights that leave our readers wagging their tails with joy. When he’s not crafting delightful doggy content, you’ll find Nathan exploring the great outdoors with his trusty four-legged sidekick, Smudge.